Help friends

Q: Help friends

A: If you do not manage to complete all tasks in the round, you can ask your friends for help. The more “bubbles” in the task, the more help you can ask for.

The reward for helping a friend is an additional cup, but the person who asked for help will not get anything for this task, it will simply be marked “done.”
You can help your friends an unlimited number of times.

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How to perform tasks?

Q: How to perform tasks?

A: The tasks on the arena look like big “bubbles”, you need to prepare the required quantity of products and send them to the bubble. Figures under the “bubble” show how much you already have such products and how much you need to send.

After preparing the desired number of dishes, you must press the “SEND” button, only after that part of the task will be executed, and a “check mark” will appear on the “bubble”.

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Days and Rounds

Q: Days and Rounds

A: Season in the arena lasts 6 days, after which the winners are determined. Those who take the first places go to the next league, and those who took the last places have every chance to move to the lower league.
At the beginning of each season, all points scored are reset, which gives equal chances for everyone to take the first place.
The time until the end of the season and the points scored are indicated at the bottom of the task window, next to the name of the current league.

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