Please remove the energy! Impossible to play!

Q: Please remove the energy! Impossible to play!

A: Unfortunately this is not possible. We do not want you to feel like slave owners, because you have a lot of workers who are busy doing housework all the time, and they do not bother you. Just consider energy as an excuse to decorate your farm, and please your residents. In addition, we really wanted you to return to the game as often as possible, collect and spend all the accumulated energy for the benefit of your farm.

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How to grow fireflowers?

Q: How to grow fireflowers?

A: Flowers grow very long, the simplest of them, yellow, ripens in 8 hours, but the seeds do not need seeds to plant it. To grow a red fire flower on the bed, you need to plant two yellow flowers. To grow a blue flower – two red, and for the rarest – purple, you need to plant two blue and wait almost a day.

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What is a workplace?

Q: What is a workplace?

A: In each production building immediately after construction, only one assistant can work. This is marked by a thick frame around the first cell of the production queue. After the second cell is improved, a second workplace is added to the building and two workers can cook two dishes in this knowledge at the same time. In all in any building there can be four workplaces.

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