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FARM TRIBE 5: Farm Tribe 2022

Create your own unique farm on a fantastic island. Trade, chat, uncover Lost Worlds, become a defender of local people from a terrible evil!

Build a unique farm on a fantastic Island, discover the unseen Worlds, protect your Tribe!

In a brand new Free mobile game for Android and iOS!



Build a farm and transfer it between Worlds, reveal the secrets and mysteries

Create your tribe, take care of it, decorating the farm gorgeous decorations

Harvest, buy and cook new recipes for treats

Feed & raise animals - chickens, cows and even crocodiles

Meet unusual inhabitants of other Worlds and become a Keeper for them;



One day a terrible storm struck the one farm affected by drought, and carried out a girl named Annie in a very strange place - on the island, which lies somewhere between the Worlds in the middle of an infinite ocean of eternity.

The Keeper's Island which came the girl has a powerful, unseen force - a force that capable not only to accelerate the time growing of organic foods on the farm, but also to communicate with other Worlds and their inhabitants.

Help Annie build a farm and become the Keeper and rescue the inhabitants of other Worlds from the onset of the Dark Forces to prevent perishing Island in the "Ocean of Eternity".