Season and league division

Q: Season and league division

A: Season in the arena lasts 6 days, after which the winners are determined. Those who take the first places go to the next league, and those who took the last places have every chance to move to the lower league.
At the beginning of each season, all points scored are reset, which gives equal chances for everyone to take the first place.
The time until the end of the season and the points scored are indicated at the bottom of the task window, next to the name of the current league.

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I can not complete the assignment on the island, how can I replace it?

Q: I can not complete the assignment on the island, how can I replace it?

A: Tasks on your farm can be of two kinds: mandatory and optional. You can not skip the required task. it is important for the passage of the game. Additional tasks can be canceled by clicking on the button with the image of the trash, the job disappears, and then reappears, but with a different set of ingredients.

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Why do not I buy my goods?

Q: Why do not I buy my goods?

A: Perhaps you have assigned too high a price or did not put the mark “Advertise product”. Without this mark, the goods do not fall on the board of the announcement of other players and you can see it only by going to your trading kiosk.
But do not worry, sooner or later your product will definitely find its buyer.

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